Lima Mayor David Berger Calls Out New DeWine Ad For Lying About His Record on Pre-existing Conditions

October 5, 2018

Berger: “So when I hear of ads now being played, saying that as a candidate he has in fact this wonderful track record around this set of issues — he does not. It’s not true. Those ads are not true.”

COLUMBUS – Lima Mayor David Berger spoke out against Mike DeWine’s new ad attempting to whitewash his eight-year war on protections for the 4.8 million Ohioans battling pre-existing conditions like cancer, diabetes, and substance abuse.

  • On his first day as Attorney General, DeWine sued to eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions.
  • DeWine supported Trump’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and eliminate those protections.
  • DeWine is refusing to join a federal lawsuit to stand up for those protections in federal court.

In July, Mayor Berger called on DeWine to join the federal lawsuit to defend those protections.


Lima News: Berger critiques DeWine’s lack of action on ACA // Josh Ellerbrock

Roughly three months after publicly asking Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to join a lawsuit protecting provisions of the Affordable Care Act, Mayor David Berger repeated his call to action Thursday and critiqued DeWine’s track record on making insurance coverage available for people with pre-existing conditions.

Earlier this summer, a number of state attorney generals filed legal action challenging the section of the Affordable Care Act that protected individuals with pre-existing conditions. In response, another group of state attorney generals mounted a legal defense for the provision. In June, Berger asked DeWine to join the defending states. DeWine joined neither group.

“He chose not to file that suit. His actions speak very loudly about what his priorities are,” Berger said.

DeWine is currently running as the Republican candidate for governor against Democrat Richard Cordray.

“He has not acted to protect Ohioans and their health care,” Berger said.

Berger was accompanied in his critique by Mike Copeland, president of United Auto Workers Local 1219.

“This is something that affects everyone in Ohio,” Copeland said. “As a UAW member, I know something about being treated fairly, and that’s what we’re asking — to be treated fairly.”

“The idea that people that are ill should somehow be precluded from equivalent kind of insurance protections from people that are not ill is ludicrous. It’s outrageous that we would submit and subject people that are ill to a different standard, and the provisions of the ACA that prohibit that are essential to making sure that people are protected appropriately,” Berger said.

The two also argued against a recent DeWine political ad released by his campaign that claims DeWine supports protecting health care coverage for pre-existing conditions.

“I’ve seen these ads. They are misleading. They portray him as supporting these issues in the past and from my understanding he hasn’t supported them once. There’s not one time we could hold him accountable for decisions that support our belief on the ACA,” Copeland said.